Long List And Recommended

Happy to share a flash of mine landed on the long list of Flash 500 – one of my favourite writing competitions on the calendar, so I’m delighted to make it so far. Congratulations to everyone on the short list, and I’m looking forward to reading the winning entries.

Another pleasant surprise today was being selected for the  Recommended list in the London Independent Story Prize (LISP) with a flash I wrote last year called ‘Manchester’. This was the first time I’ve submitted to their contest, so it was great news to be included in the final entries. I have an interview coming up with LISP about my writing along with the recommended story so I’ll share a link when it goes live.

A big thank you to both Flash 500 and LISP for all their hard work organising and reading and maintaining the contests.

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See also, happy new year


lancet liver parasite

A creature which spends its entire adult life inside a cow’s liver. After mating, its eggs are excreted into the cow’s faeces, where snails, who like to snack on cow shit, eat the parasite’s eggs. To rid themselves of these unwelcome intruders, the snails package the eggs up into cysts and secrete them through their slime trails.

Next, ants, who use the snail trails as a source of moisture, ingest the sticky eggs. Once inside the ant’s gut, the parasite heads straight for the nerve cells located beneath the ant’s esophagus and hijacks them, taking control of the ant.

Thus, by day, the infected ant goes about their usual business, but as the sun drops, the parasite takes over, drawing the host away from the safety of its colony and forcing the ant to the top of the nearest blade of grass, where it will stand, transfixed, mesosoma upright, waiting for a grazing cow to come along and eat it; So begins the cycle once more.

See also happy new year


New writing

Quite a quiet month in June, for various reasons. Sad to say I missed out on (what looked like) a superb inaugural Flash Fiction Festival in Bath on 24th and 25th June. Workshop and talks were given by writers such as Vanessa Gebbie, Kit de Waal, Tania Hershman, Paul McVeigh, David Gaffney, Ashley Chantler, Peter Blair, David Swann, Meg Pokrass, Jude Higgins, K M Elkes, Christopher Fielden, Michael Loveday and Pamela Painter. The weekend also saw the launch of the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2017, Sleep Is a Beautiful Colour, which I’m delighted to be included in with my flash fiction Gabriel. The anthology is available to buy here.

I’ve got two stories coming up in July. The first, called Dad Set Fire To A Field, is a 300 word creative nonfiction piece due for publication at EllipsisZine on Monday 24 July. EllipsisZine is an online publication for beautifully written fiction and creative nonfiction in any genre. If you’ve not visited the site, have a look. Their upcoming list of authors promises some excellent reads. Visit them here.

Next up, I’m delighted to have a story upcoming on Jellyfish Review on Sunday 30 July 2017. I’m been an admirer of pretty much everything on JellyFish since I read my first story on there and I’m very pleased to see my flash Why Does Earth Sparkle So Much? included in their upcoming Intergalactic Planetary Issue. Visit JellyFish Review here.