Staycation#1 Ingleton Falls

Ingleton Falls
Ingleton Falls

They reckon over a million people had their holidays to Spain disrupted this summer – which includes us. So instead we decided on a ‘staycation’ – go and visit a few places, like you do.

Today we went to Ingleton Falls – along with the other million people who couldn’t go to Spain this week. It’s nice enough, if you like your waterfalls, though it is a bit pricey – £7 per adult / £3 per child, and there are no bins on the 5 mile trail which didn’t bother us obviously but if you’re a scruffy bastard it might give you an excuse to throw your Pringle tube in a bush.

Pros: Waterfalls, and you can have a bit of a swim.

Cons: Loads of steps, so if steps aren’t your thing maybe give it a miss.

Random overheard quote: They don’t charge you to walk up Pendle Hill.

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