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Give It ten Years And AI Will Be Posting This For You

With the release of OpenAI’s GPT-2 – a sophisticated text generator deemed too dangerous for public consumption – it seems having to go to the effort of writing anything yourself could soon become a thing of the past.

Indeed – this whole blog post could have been written by a fledgling AI engine.

Who knows?

The answer doesn’t matter, to be honest. Give it ten years, maybe 20, and AI will be writing 75% of the world’s content anyway; and with a huge capacity for learning from and improving on written text, who’s to say AI won’t soon be writing better stuff than most humans.

In fact, it’s almost incomprehensible that AI will fail to surpass anything ever written by the limited human brain.

AI will own our future text; it will happen. Just give it time.

So, for more information and to take the opportunity to play around with a very limited, early example of the future – go here.

[No robots were harmed in the writing of this post]

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